Buckle your seatbelts, Woden skatepark will be an inferno of BMX stunts come the 22nd of April. Click on the flyer below & start the hype. Jams are always fun, if you were at the last jam at Beclonnen, then you'll know how fun this is. For the first 42 entries it's $20 if you don't have a FACT or Freestyle BMX membership, after that it's $40 - unless you've already got a current membership to both, in which case it's free to enter! Click on the flyer, have a read & then come into the store if you need to know more.


We just had to put these up - they are epic. Clint Reynolds is a favourite around here & he has been holding the 'best section in Anthem II' throne with a few dudes as well. Definitely a sick addition to the Tree family.

Speaking of Anthem, Tom 'Robbo' Robinson gets an Anthem Declassified & it don't disappoint. Can't get enough of the moto-whip to oppo table.


Raine Turnbull on the other side of the lens! Raine is, has & will continue to shred the absolute gnarl out everything, it just so happens that he picks up the camera to document other riders instead of the other way around. So this is a must watch, to see that when he does get in front of the camera, Raine can not only take one hell of a photo, but he makes moves as well!


Open your eyes, don't blink, set this to fullscreen & turn your speakers up loud. 5 minutes of mayhem thanks to most of the Canberra team contingent & B-Dog for filming the s**t out of it.


We got to duck out of the store for a couple of hours on Tuesday to shoot some photos for an upcoming 2020 ad featuring Will Gunn - it was a hell of a nice day outside so to be able to get a bit of a ride in as well was a definite treat. Get ready to get a hold of 2020 when it comes out - we're psyched on what Will was able to throw down, definite move maker/bone shaker.

Tyson Jones-Peni got to fire out a few airs in the infamous Belco bowl while Will warmed up.

Tyson sorting out a session playlist.

While we're on topic, we've been asked a few times what we listen to in the store, so here's 45 of the most recent songs played if you're interested.


Jack O'Reilly in beast mode! Jack has been bailing on work at every opportunity (not really) to put in some work on this Division web vid & it shows. Haha. If you're into anything worth a pinch in BMX, then you'll want to watch this.


Chris Harti shot us through a little bonus shot of him at that Red Bull Roast It comp that went down at the notorious Gorge road dirt park in New Zealand. Chris definitely did what the comp said & roasted the hell out of it.


Went out to Gungahlin dirt park this morning to check out the progress that has been made since the FACT (Freestyle ACT) digging jam last Monday & to assess the place before it opens. The place is looking & riding fairly well! If you're keen to get involved in another digging jam to get the place spot on, e-mail us or contact the FACT facebook page.

Just so you know, the park is not open to the public yet, but we want to help to get it open ASAP - so jump on facebook & let us know if you're keen - after all, rider involvement is what it's going to take.

A separated shoulder didn't stop Rhysty digging at the jam last week.


Last set table.
Cheese caption no.1: Tyson helped whip the first set into shape on Monday & then four days later, whips it into shape again. 

Cheese caption no.2 for today & no.672 for the site: Tyson didn't turn down the opportunity to work on the jumps on Monday & was rewarded with a turndown on the third set on Friday. Haha.


Here's a little Friday viewing for you, a mixtape of a lot of our team shredding the gnar in around Canberra for the last 6 months-ish. All of our videos will be in high definition from now on, but for those who like their standard def footage, this one is for you.


Trail boss & shred master Jared Carter sent through some incredible photos before the rain kicked in on the central coast. Now it's a hell of a feat to ride like Mr.Jared Carter, but what's more impressive is to ride like this on something you built yourself. If you build your own spot, you get a high five from us & from Jared.

One footed on blue waffle line.

Scotty Greentree shot this one, whipped out & laid over.. Jared knows.

Same jump, different angle. Look at that blue groove.. epic.

Jared's Fit setup, complete with GT Dropnose. If anyone has this seat, feel free to e-mail info@backbonebmx.com.au & we'll organize a store credit for it!
You gotta watch this.. Fresh Foster footage courtesy of Fit & Anthem! Press play now & watch the Blue Falcon take flight!


Just got back from Melba BMX track where a UCI round for Olympic qualification points just took place. Conditions were nothing short of heavy up there, with all the rain that Canberra has endured this week it's surprising that races were even able to be held.

Anyhow, Back Bone's fastest team rider Caroline Buchanan was racing today, as well as getting interviewed by Tara Brown for an upcoming 60 Minutes special. Caroline was absolutely smoking down the first two straights but got bogged down in the heavily rutted 3rd straight rhythm, ending up in 2nd & a bunch more Olympic points, putting her one step closer to a spot in the squad! The Olympic squad doesn't get selected until about a month before the Olympics, so every race result counts.

Behind the scenes of a 60 minutes interview.

Caroline hanging out in the pit crew tent in between motos.


T-1's Rusty Brindley had himself a good weekend, he got to session the trails & he got himself a bunch of fresh T-1 shirts to session in. He's psyched. The new T-1 shirts have arrived in store, so take a gander while you're here & check them out.

Rusty gets crossed up while Tyson leads the way into a jellybean sunset session. 

Even the Barcode tee is back! Click the photo & it'll take you to T-1 radness.

Don't forget, if you're looking for a discount on anything including these tees, then check out the flyer below & check-in at the Back Bone BMX Facebook page when you're in store!



Billy Hietanen on the warpath. We re upped his welcome to S&M web vid from a while ago, cause you need to watch it after looking at this. That no hander is an alley oop 270 with his left food forward. Watch the video to see the same hip but a 270 lookback with his right foot forward. Billy don't care!


All you need to do right now is click the photo above to get to the best video you'll watch in a while - Stew Johnson just dropped a new Anthem II trails section on Exclusive BMX & it is legit. We've watched it 5 times today & we're meant to be working. Rusty Brindley & Josh Stead get the ender clip along with our Jersey mate Brad Gethard. The more you watch it, the more it helps pay for Catty Woods' insurance too.